2014 Bowtech Carbon Overdrive

Carbon Overide

The 2014 Bowtech Carbon Overdrive

Bowtech has another bow hitting the shelves this week, the Bowtech Carbon Overdrive!Carbon Overide This bow is a lot like the Carbon Knight but with a couple new features. Like the Carbon Knight it features the carbon core limbs that give it rugged durability while minimizing weight. It features an “Overdrive binary cam system” which will ensure a smooth draw and promises to shoot lightning fast. It also features a FLX-Guard which is the newest technology in eliminating riser torque. The folks at Bowtech noticed with the help of super slow motion of camera that roller guard/cable brace tend to flex when the bow is drawn and released. Here is a video showing the moving FLX-Guard cable brace in action. 

The Carbon Overdrive compared to the Carbon Knight
The Carbon Overdrive compared to the Carbon Knight


Here are the factory specs:

Draw weight: 50,60,70 lbs

Mass Weight 3.3 lbs

Effective Let Off: 80%

Draw Length: 25-30 inches

Kinetic Energy: 90.9 FT-LBS

Axel to Axel: 31.5

IBO Speed: 342

Brace Height: 6.5”

We had the opportunity to pull one straight out of the box and this is what we found.
We weighed it at 3.0 lbs. We also found a pull weight of 70.8 lbs and a let off of 12.2 lbs which equates to a let off of 82.77%.
With a 29” draw length, 70.8 lbs pull weight, and an Easton Injection arrow that weighed 446 grains (including the field tip) we were able to shoot it at a speed of exactly 300 feet per second. This gave us a kinetic energy measurement of 89.15 ft/lbs. Just to give you an idea, you only need about 42-65 ft/lbs to shoot an elk. The 65 ft/lbs range is what you would want to shoot a Grizzly bear with!

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