2014 Prime Alloy Bow


Sweat N Bulletz Team is again, ahead of the game. We are bringing you the newest info on the new 2014 Prime Alloy Bow. Not only is this bow smooth, it is extremely accurate. This cam system can only be found in the Prime bows and makes this bow very user friendly. Our Sweat N Bulletz team are hunters. We review these bows based on hunting specs and how they would benefit us in the field. The arrows we shoot are hunting arrows, not range arrows.Prime Bow in Stand

DSCN0699Directly out of the box we found the 60 lb. bow shooting 59.2 lbs. 70 lb bows are available but we choose to shoot the 60 lb to apeal to different readers.  We also found that this bow weighs less then the expected Prime specs. This bow is suppose to be weighing 4.2 lbs. but we found it weighing in at 3.8 lbs. Definitely a unexpected surprise.

As you watch Luke shooting this bow below, look at how smooth he draws this bow, how quiet it is and the recoil during the shot. All key features that would seal the deal on a monster Bull.

DSCN0687Directly out of Box

Draw Weight: 59.2 lbs

Mass Weight: 3.8 lbs

Shooting Arrow: Victory VAP (hunting Arrows)424 grains

IBO: 268 fps

Kinetic Energy: 67.64 ft/lbs


Words From the Pros

DSCN0697Meet the all-new 2014 Prime Alloy. A bow with the perfect blend of strength, weight, forgiveness, and versatility. By uniting our parallel Cam System, patented flexing roller guard and a ridged newly designed counter balanced riser, the all new Alloy gives you the ultimate edge on accuracy while keeping your pack light.

Split Cam PrimeIBO: 335 fps

Axle to Axle: 33.25 inches

Brace Height: 6.75”

Mass Weight: 4.2 lbs

Draw Length: 26-30”

Draw Weight: 50, 60, 70 lbs

Prime Innovation

By taking the road less traveled, ourPrime Bows provide you with a shooting experience like no other in the industry. Our patent pending parallel cam system of prime Bows provides the superior balance of string tracks combined as one standing together to virtually eliminate cam lean. The Prime accuracy system is complemented with a flexing cable guard which clears out of the way at the perfect instant during the shot sequence. Extra wide limbs help provide complete stability so that all remaining torque following the shot is practically eliminated. Along with our technology, out materials are innovative as well. Our 7000 series aluminum riser is the lightest and strongest available. This advanced matrial works in conjunction with the parallel cam system and ultra-fit grip to deliver the dead in the hand fiil so sought after by archers today. Furthermore, all prime Bows are fitted with 8190 BCY string and cables chich are pre-stretched and micro fitted to a fraction of an inch. By incorporating all of these elements together, we’ve created the most accurate and forgiving bows the world has ever known. So if you’re an archer looking for the edge up, look no further than Prime.

To shoot the new 2014 Prime Alloy go see Mountain Archery in Rexburg, Idaho.

Mountain Archery is our One Stop Shop for all of our Archery needs!
Mountain Archery is our One Stop Shop for all of our Archery needs!