2013 Bow Review

2013 Bows
2013 Bows

Attention Bow Hunters! How many of you have had the chance to compare the top five 2013 bows side by side? How many of you wanted the hunting specs on the newest bows? Our Sweat N Bulletz crew teamed up with Gordon Smith, owner of Mountain Archery in Rexburg Idaho to do just that. We shot the 2013 Hoyt Spyder 30 and 34,the Mathews Monster Chill and Creed, and the Bowtech Experience. We pulled these bows directly out of the box and compared them side by side. Our Sweatnbulletz team all shoot different bows and have absolutely no bias! We are simply presenting what we observed.

In our tests we evaluated a variety of things including, speed, accuracy, fit and finish, draw cycle, noise, and draw weight.

Speed test
Speed Test

When it comes to buying new bows there is a “speed myth.” We all want to know how fast a bow shoots! The manufacturer tells you  how fast they are shooting under ideal conditions with what is most likely target shooting arrows. What happens to the speed when we set it up to go kill something? We used a chronograph to check the speed of the arrows. We also used two different sizes of arrows that are commonly used by hunters. A 400 grain Gold Tip Velocity Pro 300 and a 470 grain Easton Injexion (weights include field tips). Each bow shot slower than manufacturer specifications using these arrows.

To test accuracy we took all human error out of the equation and shot these bows using a machine called a Hooter Shooter.

Hooter shooter
Hooter Shooter

We shot three of the exact same arrows, in all five bows, to test grouping. When using this machine we were not concerned with hitting the “bulls eye” we were only concerned with the group displayed. One thing that is important to mention is that these arrows were not “spine tested.” Arrows have a “spine” running down one side of them which makes them stiffer on one side than the other. If your nocks and fletchings  are not oriented consistently on all your arrows, in relation to the spine, it will affect your grouping slightly.

bow rating
Bow Rating Side by Side

The next three tests are very subjective. Let me state again that we had absolutely no bias in this process! Four of us rated each bow on a scale from one to five and averaged the score. We judged overall appeal  of each bow just by looks. Essentially, how awesome does this bow look? We also judged the draw cycle. How smooth did it pull? Finally, we judged noise and vibration. How loud was the release?

draw weight
Draw Weight Test

It is also interesting to note that all of these bows were rated at 70 pound draw weight. Straight out of the box, a bows draw weight is maxed out. We tested each bow to see what they actually pulled, using a digital draw weight scale. Click on the links below to see the results below. You might be surprised!

Hoyt Spyder 30hank

Hoyt Spyder 34

Mathews Monster Chill

Mathews Creed

Bowtech Experience

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