Mathews Monster Chill

Mathews Monster Chill

Mathews Monster line has struck fear into the hearts of all big game since coming onto the scene. The Monster Chill is no exception. It is also designed with the new Geo Grid Lock Riser for a very striking look and lightweight feel. The Chill comes equipped with the New DYAD AVS Cam System which eliminates extra vibration. If you are worried about string jump, this is the quietest bow I have ever shot.  This is not a solocam, but rather a dual cam system, new for Mathews. To keep the smooth draw, they designed a new reverse assist cable guard to give less tension on the cables which seems very effective. The Chill we shot was black which creates a little lower wow factor compared to the camo, but with colored accessories may have a very nice look.  Overall this is a great bow with a smooth draw, a pretty good back wall, no noise and very little vibration.

Mathews Monster Chill

Features- DYAD AVS Cam System, Geo Grid Lock Riser, Reverse Assist Roller Guard, Focus Grip, Mathews Genuine Bowstring & Cable, Mathews Harmonic Stabilizer Lite, Mathews Harmonic Damper, Dead End String Stop Lite, The Dead End String Stop Lite, String Grub, Monkey Tail

 Specsmathews monster chill

Brace Height – 7”

Draw Weight – 50 to 70 lbs

Bow Weight – 3.90 lbs

Let Off  80%

Draw Lengths – 23 to 30”

Riser Length – 23.50”

IBO – 333 fps

Axle-to-Axle  30.5”

Our Findings out of Boxmathews monster chill grouping

Max lbs – 66.6 lbs

IBO 400 Grain Arrow – 292 fps

Kinetic Energy 400 Grain  75.74 ft/lbs

IBO 470 Grain Arrow – 272 fps

Kinetic Energy 470 Grain – 77.23 ft/lbs

Bow Weight – 4.2 lbs w/rest

Rate out of 5

Noise and Vibration – 5

Smoothness of Draw Cycle – 4

Fit and Finish – 4

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