Mathews Creed

Mathews Creed

When we first saw the Mathews Creed, talk about jaw drop. The style and overall wow factor of the Creed is breathtaking. The new Geo Grid Lock riser in Lost Camo combined with the new Simplex Cam is enough to make any bow hunter stop in their tracks to take a look. Talk about exciting to give this new bow a whirl. At first draw, I enjoyed the draw cycle and let that Easton Injexion fly. I was not let down one bit. This is a fantastic bow. The draw cycle on this did have a slight hump at the end but did have a nice valley and a great back wall finishing with very little vibration. Also worth noting is the optional 31 inch draw length for you taller hunters.

Mathews Creed

Features- SimPlex Cam, Geo Grid Lock Riser, Parallel Limb Design, Reverse Assist Roller Guard, Mathews Genuine Bowstring & Cable, Rich Walnut SlimFit Inline Grip, Mathews Harmonic Damper, Dead End String Stop Lite

 Specsmathews creed

Brace Height  7”

Draw weight – 50-70lbs

Bow Weight – 3.85 lbs

Let-off  80%

Draw Lengths – 26-30”

Half Sizes – 26.5-29.5”

Riser Length – 26.50”

IBO – 328 fps

Axle-to-Axle – 30”

Our Findings out of the Boxmthews creed grouping

Max lbs – 70.9 lbs

IBO 400 Grain Arrow – 296 fps

Kinetic Energy 400 Grain – 77.83 ft/lbs

IBO 470 Grain Arrow – 275 fps

Kinetic Energy 470 Grain – 78.94 ft/lbs

Bow Weight – 4.3 lbs w/rest

Rate from 1-5

Noise and Vibration – 4

Smoothness of Draw cycle – 4.5

Fit and Finish – 4.5

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